2017 EALB

A Success Story

It all happened in SAN FRANCISCO …the birth of the Executives Association…in the year 1916…by eight men sitting around a table, probably having a beer and saying “Ain’t business lousy?”…then realizing that they all had different shingles outside their doors and they had been referring friends and neighbors and business acquaintances to each other all along…the seed was planted and the growth began…it blossomed and became political interests and affairs of the community and centered on BUSINESS EXCHANGE!!!

The fact that Executives Associations have weathered over 90 years of wars, social and economic upheavals, is living proof that in more than 90 cities around the world…the idea works…today better than ever. It is an association that combines a serious purpose with a warm, friendly and informal manner of operation and cooperation as well as rapport!

Executives pledge to do business with one another whenever possible, to find where business can be done for one another and in any other ways, to advance business of the association and its individual members. New members have been instructed for the past 90+ years to:



EALB is not a service club, a social group or a fraternal order. It pursues no civic activities, seeks no affiliations, sponsors no political objectives and makes no public pronouncements.

There is a policy that members shall not be in a similar type of organization, thus protecting the purpose and objectives of leads production for each fellow member.

The value of membership can only be measured after a minimum of one to two years in the association.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Machelle Thompson, President

Kris Gragson, Vice President

Jennifer Sawday, Secretary/Treasurer

Rusty Deeble, Director

Scott Williams Director

Vince Bunting, Director

Jay Beeler, Director

Tom Di Leo, Director

Jim Choura, Past President

Kellie Sherrill, Executive Director

2017-2018 Board of Directos