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The long standing slogan of the association has been "Business is our Business". The Executives Association of Long Beach (EALB) was founded in 1922. It is an association of Long Beach business executives, each of whom represents his or her respective firm at the management level.

The Long Beach Executives Association is a member of the International Executives Association, a worldwide group of similar associations. It is not a service club, a social group or fraternal order. The EALB is a networking group for business owners and high level executives. It has but one unique objective: to capture the natural bond of common interest which exists between business executives and by regular weekly meetings, develop and enjoy a brand of fellowship conducive to the creation of additional and profitable business for all its members.

It does not require its members to patronize each other, but it does provide opportunities for each member to promote their products or services and it can open doors that otherwise are closed to desired business. Members of the EALB often consider the association as an extension of their own business or profession.


Location: The Grand

Day: Monday

Time: 12pm - 1:15pm

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Pat Ellington | May 7, 2018

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On Monday, May 7th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly networking luncheon to hear a classification talk from Pat Ellington of Incredible Journey. 

Pat Ellington began her career in the field of corrections for 33 years. During this time, she was also a Criminal Justice professor for 25 years. If she learned one thing from both of these careers, she learned to treat people with dignity and respect that they deserve. She brought this motto with her and began Incredible Journey, a travel company, in 2004.

Pat currently sits on the Board of the Long Beach Day Nursery and the Board of Harbor Area Halfway Houses that helps women find jobs after being in prison. Pat has been an EALB member for more ten years and was previously on the EALB board.

Pat’s talk provided insight into her most recent trip she took to Japan. Pat spent ten days in Japan before taking a cruise around Southeast Asia. During her first 5 days she stayed in Kyoto where she experienced a much different culture then here in the U.S. She indicated that the primary way of travel is by train. Even though the train stations were very busy, she and her family experienced the kindest people who were willing to take time out of their day to help and guide them to where they needed to go before proceeding on their way. During her time in Kyoto, she visited the Sagano Bamboo forest and many Shinto shrines and temples. Pat further explained the difference between the shrines and temples. The temples are places of worship by the Buddhist religion while the shrines were created by the Shinto people to safekeep scared objects. Pat was also able to experience Hiroshima which was a very quiet and reflective. After her stay in Kyoto, she took the bullet train to Tokyo which took 2 hours. During her 5 days in Tokyo she realized it was much like Los Angeles with the various sections in the city. She spent time with her family at Disneyland Tokyo, saw the cherry blossoms, got caught in the snow, and found that the best food was in the most unlikely places, the train stations.

If you want to have an Incredible Journey without all the hiccups and frustrations of your last vacation, call Pat. She is a cruise specialist and will advise you on how to maximize your cruising experience in all areas. In addition to cruises, Pat is an expert at Worldwide Travel. Pat will work with you to design the perfect trip and make your next vacation truly yours.

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We are here at The Grand on May 14th to hear Corey Vane of A-Throne Portable Restrooms & Temporary Fencing speak.  


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