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The long standing slogan of the association has been "Business is our Business". The Executives Association of Long Beach (EALB) was founded in 1922. It is an association of Long Beach business executives, each of whom represents his or her respective firm at the management level.

The Long Beach Executives Association is a member of the International Executives Association, a worldwide group of similar associations. It is not a service club, a social group or fraternal order. The EALB is a networking group for business owners and high level executives. It has but one unique objective: to capture the natural bond of common interest which exists between business executives and by regular weekly meetings, develop and enjoy a brand of fellowship conducive to the creation of additional and profitable business for all its members.

It does not require its members to patronize each other, but it does provide opportunities for each member to promote their products or services and it can open doors that otherwise are closed to desired business. Members of the EALB often consider the association as an extension of their own business or profession.


Location: The Grand

Day: Monday

Time: 12pm - 1:15pm

Visitors please contact us to be our guest.


Business Promotion Committee | July 16th, 2018

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On Monday, July 16th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly networking luncheon to hear the Business Promotion Committee. 

The following persons signed up yesterday to participate in our free "Long Beach's Largest Networking Mixer" on Thursday, Oct. 4, from 5:30 to 8:30 at The Grand:

Eric Speier, 5 Elements Entertainment

Harry Goldman, Allen's Flower Market

Jay Beeler, Beeler & Associates

John Doyle, Belmont Athletic Club

Mary Zerafa Loos, Bixby Neighbors

Jeff Parry, California Business Systems

Jim Choura, Coura Events at The Grand

Kimberly Rodgers, Jungle Promotions

Machelle Thompson, Keen Home Care

Tom Shilton, Shilton Associates

Jim Mills-Winkler, Waddell & Reed


There is no charge for members having a table at this event and no other outside firm will be allowed to participate if their classification conflicts with our membership. Outside firms will be allowed to participate if they are in a classification that we are seeking for membership in EALB. There is a $50 per table charge for non-members.


If you have not already done so, please send your table request to Jay Beeler, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than August 15. Outside firms should request a table from Eric Speier, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Questions? Call Business Promotion Committee Chair Jay Beeler at (562) 597-9000.

Next Meeting:

We will be at The Grand on July 23th to hear from Dave Sakamoto of F&M Bank speak!  


Remember to invite guests to keep our membership continually growing!

1st Classification Postings:


2nd Classification Postings:

Fiduciary Services

Membership Postings: 

Rodney Bolton of HR Bizz 

Mary Makler of Mary Makler Private Fiduciary

Welcome New Members:

Welcome Joe Zieba of Zieba Builders in the classification of Building Contractor - Residential.

Welcome Jack Skovgard of Long Beach Home Loan Corp in the classification of Home Loans.

Welcome Marc Materie of Merchant Services Group in the classification of Merchant Services.

Other Membership News: 

Featured Classification for May:
Printer & H.R. 

Advertisements/Want Ads:

Traveling? Call Pat Ellington for toady's hot deals.

PGA West La Quinta Condo. Call Jim Nesmith for details (562) 900-2230.

Board Meeting Minutes:  




July 16, 2018 – 1:15pm | Board Meeting

Location: Jim’s Board Room


               1:15 PM   K. GRAGSON                                                            OPEN MEETING

PRESENT: __x__K. Gragson (P) _x___J. Sawday (VP) _x___ V. Bunting (S/T) _x__ J. Beeler  x___T. Di Leo

_x___ R. Deeble ____ K. Rodgers  _x___C. Vane   _x___ M. Thompson (PP)

Others: S. Caudillo (Executive Director) __x__


                1:15 PM  K. GRAGSON                                                                  MINUTES

   Motion to approve minutes from June’s 2018 Board Meeting?

   Motion: M. Thompson 2nd: K. Rodgers Discussion. All in favor?  8    Any Opposed? 0 Motion Carries

                  1:20 PM  J. BEELER                                        FINANCIAL REPORTS

   Motion to receive and file the financial reports for June 2018?

   Motion: V. Bunting 2nd: M. Thompson Discussion. All in favor?  8    Any Opposed? 0 Motion Carries 

                   1:25 PM J. SAWDAY                                                               MEMBERSHIP

   The 1st half attendance to is out. Anyone 60% to 50% is highlighted in yellow. Anyone with 50% and below in attendance is highlight in red.

   We have three new applications, Jack Skovgard, Joe Zieba, and Marc Materie. Vetting letters are attached.

   Motion to approve membership for Jack Skovgard in the classification of Home Loans? 

   Motion: J. Sawday 2nd: V. Bunting Discussion. All in favor?  7    Any Opposed? 0

   Motion to approve membership for Joe Zieba in the classification of Building Contractor - Residential?

   Motion: K. Gragson 2nd: V. Bunting Discussion. All in favor?  6   Any Opposed? 0 Abstain? 2  Motion Carries

   Motion to approve membership for Marc Materie in the classification of Merchant Services?

   Motion: M. Thompson 2nd: T. DiLeo Discussion. All in favor? 8     Any Opposed? 0 Motion Carries

   Update for Stephen Hryniewicki resignation. 

   Motion to approve the resignation of Stephen Hryniewicki and reopen the classifications of physician?

   Motion: K. Gragson 2nd: C. Vane Discussion. All in favor? 7     Any Opposed? 0

   Motion to open a new classification of Fiduciary Services?

   Motion: J. Sawday 2nd: K. Rodgers Discussion. All in favor? 8     Any Opposed? 0 Motion Carries

   Bob Hegedus membership fees have not been paid for this quarter or last quarter. His membership attendance is also below 50 percent. I know he was out due to a medical emergency though I have not been able to reach him by phone or email.  

   Will send letter to Bob and he has 30 days to reply

 1:30 PM      J. BEELER                                                                        BUSINESS PROMOTION  

   Attached is the outline from today’s discussion

 1:40 PM      K. GRAGSON / S. CAUDILLO                        OLD & NEW BUSINESS

   Marketing for the Execs and making changes to the video.

   Motion to budget $ 300 for marketing and changes to Execs video?

   Motion: K. Gragson 2nd: M. Thompson Discussion. All in favor? 7     Any Opposed? 0 Motion Carries

   The budget approval of $1,200 for the IEA Conference in September. Only $580 for the trip was needed.

   Will also need to send Eric Speier to IEA Conference because he is on the board of directors.

   I would like to buy a external drive for the Execs files and paperwork out of the Office Expense. There is 269.00 still available and I would like to use $100 of it on an external drive.

1:55 PM        K. GRAGSON                                                                    GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION

   Comments from each member on their current evaluation of the state of the EALB.

   The Next Board meeting is on Monday, August 13th at The Grand at 1:15pm in Jim’s Board Room. 

 2:05 PM      K. GRAGSON                                                                    ADJOURN


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Open Classifications:

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If your classification is open please contact us to be invited to lunch. Membership is by invitation.


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