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Holiday Gift Exchange | December 16, 2019

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On Monday, December 17th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their annual holiday gift exchange. 

Each year the Execs celebrates the holidays with a holiday gift exchange. What we do is each member brings a wrapped gift and draws a number. When their number is called they get to choose a gift and unwrap it. The next person can either steal an opened gift or unwrap a new gift. Once a gift has been stolen two times it's frozen. 

We had a fun time unwrapping and stealing gifts after lunch. It's a nice way to end a great year of lead giving with a little gift giving! 

Happy Holidays Execs! We are looking forward to an even more prosperous 2020. Happy New Year!


Next Meeting: 

We are dark Dec. 23rd and Dec 30th. We will be back at The Grand Jan 6th.


Remember to invite guests to keep our membership continually growing!

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Welcome New Members:

Please welcome Vinny Bunting as an associate to CH Topping Brakes

Other Membership News: 

 Membership Promotion

When you refer a new member, you can have a choice in one of two options

1. Have your dues waived for one quarter.


2. Have your dues, as well as the new members dues cut in half for one quarter.


New member has to be in good standing for the first 6 months to receive the promotion. 

Machelle Thompson has left the Execs and is no longer a member. 

Jim Nesmith has decided to retire and will no longer be a member. 

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Traveling? Call Pat Ellington for toady's hot deals.

PGA West La Quinta Condo. Call Jim Nesmith for details (562) 900-2230.

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